Sustain Me crowdfunding successfully completed

Our community successfully raised $8,254 to support the promotional and maintenance activities required for us to scale our social enterprise, including going national. 

We had incredible generosity from our community and supporters, without whom we'd not be where we are.

Eleanor is writing a blog post about this, coming soon. 

For now, take a path through recent history and have a look at our campaign. 



Imagine a National Recycling App.

Each year across Australia, 49% of recyclable materials end up wasting away in landfill, producing an estimated 15,000,000 tonnes of carbon pollution each year, contributing to the depletion of resources, the acidification of the ocean and global warming.

How do those recyclable materials end up in landfill? Misinformation.

Can I recycle batteries? Can I put my coffee cup in the bin, even though the bin is lined with a plastic bag? Where do light globes go?

Before the Sustain Me app, no one had a clear, succinct answer because there wasn't one: it all depends on where you at at any one point in Australia.

Sydney recycles differently to Melbourne who recycles differently to Bendigo who recycles differently to Adelaide. And we move around, taking our habits with us, whether they are right or wrong.

Sustain Me is the answer.

Sustain Me is a mobile app with a national recycling database, and it gives you the correct information where ever you are standing. Epic right? You could be in Mornington, the Blue Mountains or Darwin and still have the recycling answer you need at the tip of your finger in a matter of seconds. No more recyclables going to waste and no more carbon pollution from landfill.

And it works.

We've been on the App Store and Google Play since August, for Victoria only. Since then, 1300 people have asked close to 10,000 recycling based questions and we've helped redirect up to 42,000kg of waste from landfill.

And now we want to go national. We want to give it to Australians everywhere, for free and for real. We want to maximise the impact that this app has on the environment.

But that takes effort.

Which we can put in! We have the app, we have the developers, the databases, the contacts and the information. Or we can get it, but not with out your support. The Victorian app took over a year make and we want to have this new version out by March. So we need you behind us! We need financial assistance, marketing support and professional advice to have the strongest impact possible and help preserve the environment around us.

We need you to Donate, Download and Share.

The app should be free. For all. Always. Help us keep this app free by supporting us with our running costs.

Donate to the cause. Shout us a coffee, sponsor a listing, book us in for dinner! Help us reach our financial goal!

Download the app. Start now. If you are in Victoria, you can start managing your impact on the environment.

Share. If you believe in a waste free future and actual action to prevent climate change, share this campaign with your friends and family. The farther our app goes, the greatest impact on the environment our community can create.

Join the movement. Help us out.