Matt Wicking, musician, facilitator, leader, makes call to action for Sustain Me

As I write this, I am sitting on the steps outside of Fed Square, Melbourne, at a conference, one of the many events that I've been to lately MC'd by Matt Wicking. When he is not an MC, Matt is a musician, playing powerful music around Melbourne and sometimes around the world. Matt writes a call to action for us, just a few days out from our crowdfunder's end date. 

By Matt Wicking.

When I was asked to write this post to support Sustain Me’s crowdfunding campaign, my first thought was: I'm not sure what I have to offer here.

After all, if you're reading this, you likely already 'get it' anyway. You know enough about climate change and biodiversity loss, over-consumption and pollution. You don't need me to add to the never-ending stream of stats. Or trying to find the perfect graph.

I expect if you don't know why waste is a bad thing or why a national app that puts localised recycling information in the palm of people's hands is a great idea, then I probably don't have the magic combination of words to convince you.

Then I realised that there’s something bigger than a recycling app (if that’s possible!) happening here that’s really important to me. Through over a decade working in the sustainability space, like many others, I’ve sometimes felt frustration at the slow pace of change. I’ve dipped in and out of hopefulness about the future. But something that has remained consistent for me is a belief in the importance of the efforts of passionate people – those willing to take risks and trust themselves, to step up above what is expected of them, to see a problem and to be willing to work collaboratively with others, across comunities and sectors, to make change happen. That’s what I see happening here.

I’m supporting this effort to take Sustain Me national. Not just because the app is great (it is). Not just because it is much needed and fills an important gap (though it does). Not just because it's already proven its success on a smaller scale (though it has). Above and beyond all of that, I'm supporting this campaign because it's born of the creative energy of two wonderful young people who are passionate about creating a more positive future. 

As the glaciers melt and oceans rise, as species and ecosystems disappear from under our noses, and as the global economic system hits the buffers, stalls and stumbles, that's where I want to put my energy. Because it's exactly the sort of attitude we need more of. And because we encourage more of that wonderful positive spirit in the world by supporting it when we see it. I encourage you to do the same. 

Join the movement. Download Sustain Me and give to their crowdfunding campaign.