1.            Disclaimer & Acknowledgments

1.1         Customer acknowledges that:

(a)         waste management and recycling co-ordination is a complex area and Sustain Me is not designed as a substitute in any way for your own review of the current regulations governing recycling and waste in your region, which may change without notice. This app is made available by Sustain Me primarily with the aim to improve recycling outcomes in Australia and relies on information supplied to Sustain Me by third parties being correct and up to date. Customer shall use Sustain Me as a guide only and acknowledges that the Council in question retains the power to exercise discretion in relation to waste management and recycling services and may change their regulations regarding same without notice;

(b)         supplied with Sustain Me are certain notes and instructions and a failure to follow those instructions or notes carefully could result in erroneous or unlawful data being produced or transmitted or actions being taken or not taken by Sustain Me;

(c)         Sustain Me does not check for anomalies and data incorrectly entered may be transmitted without question;

(d)         Sustain Me does not necessarily comply with any standard or legislation or law;

(e)         Sustain Me is licensed on the strict understanding that, subject to the warranties below, Sustain Me Group is not responsible for the results of any actions taken, either by Customer or a third party relying on data supplied (or transmitted) or not supplied (or transmitted) by Sustain Me;

(f)         Sustain Me Group cannot and does not warrant that Sustain Me shall be available 24 hours a day or that any defect shall be corrected within a specific time frame;

(g)         Sustain Me is not necessarily secure, virus free or without defect; and

(h)         Sustain Me Group is not responsible for:

(i)           ensuring that Sustain Me is suitable for Customer’s requirements or fit for any purpose;

(ii)          any interruption to Sustain Me due to equipment failure, the need for routine maintenance, peak demand etc;

(iii)         the supply or maintenance of Customer’s equipment, software or communications;

(iv)         monitoring, controlling or ensuring the accuracy, appropriateness or content of any information on the internet and does not do so; and

(v)          any software available on the internet or supplied by third parties.