Recycle with Sustain Me

Sustain Me offers a guaranteed recycling service for your soft plastics, polystyrene and textiles.

Some quick facts:

- Soft plastics take anywhere from twenty to one thousand years to decompose

- Polystyrene takes up to one million years to decompose

- Textiles take up to five years to decompose

These items are totally recyclable. That's right, they can be reused and reformulated into new things. Unfortunately this is not happening so we're going to do something about it. We'll come and get it from you and make sure it is recycled. 

That's right, keep your soft plastics, store your polystyrene and hold on to your old clothes. For a small fee (just to cover running costs), we'll come pick up residential quantities (about a large bin bag's worth) from you and guarantee they'll be recycled. (N.B. We're limiting this to metropolitan Melbourne for now). How fantastic is that? 

Pay below and we'll contact you within 48 hours. 

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