I woke up one day to that jarring, persistent, evil sound of the garbage truck. It was 7.30am, and my alarm had not yet gone off. I realised that this was in fact the garbage truck that empties the recycling bin. The sounds of broken glass echoed off the cement walls of the surrounding urban landscape, making sleep impossible. I lay there wondering why the garbage collection company emptied the bin in such a way as to break the glass. Could you even recycle broken glass? I wondered if there were ever any way to find out. 

This experience gave me inspiration for the recycling app. I wanted a mechanism that allowed me to find stuff out about recycling. Stephen's inspiration relates to meat trays: he asks 'if there's two different types of plastic, how can you know if it's recyclable?' We've gone from having the original idea, to setting up shop and releasing the app in 2015. We've learnt many new things. Turns out you can recycle broken glass (why is it that everyone thinks you can't? How confusing). We've met wonderful people, gotten a whole heap of advice, and learnt more than we ever thought we'd need to about recycling. 

The app is available to download from Google Play and the App Store. 


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